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How to sign a lease: Tips, tricks for students signing leases for off-campus housing

Finding a home in Aggieland is an important part of getting set up as a new student, though with this comes a great deal of responsibility to find the best fit for each individual’s needs. Before signing a lease and being locked into a place for an extended period of time, Texas A&M Student Legal Services senior attorney Rick Powell said it is important to be sure that a student is not getting...

Students suggest considerations for off-campus houses, apartments

Shelter is the third most important need, according to Maslow’s hierarchy, and since Texas A&M does not provide enough on-campus housing for even the entire freshman population, many students find shelter in off-campus apartments and houses. When it comes to off-campus housing in the Bryan-College Station area, students don’t always get what they paid for. With so many factors to consider, such...

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